Sunday, 15 January 2017

Shanmade With Love

Two blog posts in one week is basically unheard of for me, but I wanted to share my latest little project with you all as it's something I'm so excited about!

For the past two years I have been making crafts for family and friends, and it's something that I not only love doing, but managed to make money out of over summers at university so I didn't have to get a part time job.

It's something I've been meaning to get back into for a while now, and so my boyfriend finally pushed me to create a Facebook and Instagram page to make it all a little bit more real and professional. I really lack confidence with this kind of thing, but have been overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received in just over 24 hours in terms of likes, lovely messages and orders. 

Around six months ago now, someone did a rather nasty thing which knocked my confidence a lot, but this has honestly given me such a boost and words can't describe how grateful I am for the love shared.

I've included a few snaps of my creations above. I have listed several items on my Facebook page but also take custom orders. I love nothing more than someone sending me a photo saying "would you be able to make me something like this?" 

You can find my little shop on Facebook here
And on Instagram here

And I hope you take this as a lesson that you should just go out there and be yourself. People will always have things to say no matter what you do, so you should be happy and let them get on with it!


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