Monday, 8 June 2015

21st Birthday Weekend

Morning everyone, I have to say I am struggling this morning after an incredibly busy birthday week! My 21st birthday was yesterday and me and my Mum spent the day exploring London. 

On the Saturday evening we went to a restaurant where I live in Lincolnshire called Witham and Blues, which is a New York themed restaurant. I've always wanted to eat there and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I loved the NYPD police car and New York cab parked outside and the interior screamed New York. I ordered the 'Brooklyn Burger' with skinny fries which was two quarter pound beef burgers with endless cheese and onion rings. I also enjoyed a cocktail on the house because it was my birthday, and by the end I was so full I couldn't manage a dessert which broke my heart a little because they looked so good! If you live in the Boston area you should definitely check it out.

On the Sunday we woke up nice and early so we had plenty of time to explore London. I've never been to Camden Town before but I've always wanted to go, and I had so much fun exploring the markets. I bought a necklace and a new make up bag which I'm sure will appear on my Instagram feed soon if you are interested in seeing them. The food market was so tempting but in the end we decided we really fancied Fish and Chips, and sat in a retro style restaurant called Poppies which is the number one eat-in fish and chip restaurant in the UK at the moment apparently. Having now eaten the food, I definitely wouldn't find that hard to believe because it was so delicious. 

I really wanted to see the Amy Winehouse statue but we couldn't find it for the life of us, and it was so hot and there were so many people around that we decided to give up and head to the Regent Street/Oxford Street area to enjoy a quick spot of shopping. I ended up with a Raspberry and Cookies and Cream ice cream as well which kept me going throughout the warm afternoon! We then ended our day off by going for cocktails in the Ice Bar down Heddon Street. I loved every second of it, I just couldn't believe how amazing it looked and it was just one of those experiences that you know you'll never forget. I wore sandals though and I genuinely thought I would lose all my toes to frostbite by the end of our Ice bar session! 

I had the most perfect birthday and I want to thank everyone for your well wishes, cards, gifts and money. I have a list of 21 things I want to do in my 21st year that I'm still working on - kind of like a bucket list I guess - so if you'd like to read that I've posted the link here


  1. I completely forgot to say happy birthday yesterday! That's what I get for being too eager haha. It sounds like you had a lovely time although I hope your toes have recovered!

    1. Don't worry you said it early :) still counts! They're fine now thank you haha, soon walked the pain off on my way to Topshop! Typical me xx


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