Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cancer Research Race for Life

Hi everyone! So I haven't quite got back into my blogging schedule yet but I hope that over the next few weeks I start posting regularly again.

On Sunday I completed the 5k Race for Life in Lincoln for Cancer Research UK. 

A year ago when I took up running, I couldn't even run for a minute without getting out of breath and wanting to stop. So I'm really proud of myself for how far I've come with it all. I ran the entire course in under 28 minutes - we're not quite sure what time - my sister-in-law crossed the finish line after me and she said the timer said 27 minutes 53 seconds, and we had a few minutes at the start line where we barely moved because of the amount of people (1,555 people took part in total!) so I reckon it could be anywhere between 25-28 minutes. My personal best before this race was 28 minutes 59 seconds so I'm really pleased with how I did, and think it was due to the determination I had to run a strong race for everyone who had sponsored me and for all cancer sufferers and survivors out there.

Both my Nanny and Grandad passed away due to cancer before I was born and every step I was running I kept thinking of them and it really gave me the determination to run harder and faster. I would have loved the opportunity to have known them and I hope that I did them proud.

I plan to run a Cancer Research Race for Life every year from now on - whether that be 5k, 10k or I'm actually really wanting to try one of the Pretty Muddy events. It was such a fun day and I felt such a sense of achievement when they handed me my medal.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can find my fundraising page here. Family and friends of mine - you can also sponsor me by giving me the cash in person as I have a sponsorship form and so far most of you seem to prefer that method :)


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