Wednesday, 15 July 2015


You know when you feel like the whole world is shifting around you and you are struggling to take it all in? Well that's how my day was yesterday at my Graduation. I couldn't quite believe I was donning my mortar board and gown and the day just seemed to flow away from me and was over before I knew it. Now I've had a morning to reflect on the best day of my life so far, I wanted to pay tribute to all of the wonderful people who have been involved in my university journey and helped me get to where I was yesterday, walking across that stage.
After picking our tickets and robes up, my Department held a drinks reception for students and their families. After enjoying too much Pimms and not enough canapes (I think everyone could tell I was too nervous to eat!) we mingled and listened to speeches from various members of staff.
Before I knew it, I was sat in the ceremony listening to speeches and watching student after student go up and enjoy their moment on that stage. At this point I was feeling so incredibly nervous, but then when they called my name and I started the walk up to the stage, all of a sudden I felt like I was about to explode with pride and happiness.
Now, anyone who knows me knows that I'm extremely critical of myself and struggle to accept compliments or to ever feel good about myself. I always want to push myself that little bit harder. But as I started my walk up to the stage, I realised that I could only remember one other occasion when I had been as proud as I was yesterday. And that was three years ago, when I was sat refreshing UCAS and seeing that my offer at the University of Warwick had been confirmed.
You only have to ask my family to know that Warwick has been the making of me. I have learnt more about myself in the past three years than I have at any other time of my life. Life away from home at university is not always a bed of roses I will admit, there have been some really difficult times, but the staff within my Department have supported me 100%, every step of the way, and shown me that I can make it through any difficult time, perhaps a little shaken, but always with a smile on my face and surrounded by the kindest and most wonderful people.
I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible academic staff and will be forever grateful for the expertise and wisdom they shared with me throughout my three years. I went into my degree with the hope that I would come out of it understanding the world differently, and that has definitely been the case. I now think about things from different perspectives and with a whole new level of clarity and confidence.
So my three years are over and I'm about to start a new chapter in my life. At the moment my future is uncertain, and I'm absolutely terrified if I'm honest. But deep down I know that a PAIS degree from Warwick will help me to achieve my aspirations, goals and will allow me to embark on the most exciting adventures I could ever dream of. I know that I have not only gained the degree necessary to move forward into postgraduate study or a career, but I have gained the skills necessary to challenge myself and to reach for the highest stars. The possibilities are endless now and I will never be able to thank the Department enough for what they have given me.


  1. Congratulations Shannon - You look so beautiful! - I kind of can't believe that this time next year I will graduating from Warwick too - it's gone so quick!
    Abbie xx

    1. Thank you so much! I know and trust me, third year goes the quickest of the lot I think! Xx


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