Sunday, 7 December 2014

Clothes Show Live! Birmingham

Apologies for not having blogged for a while - I have been completely run off my feet with job applications, essays and never ending reading lists! I'm really looking forward to 4 weeks at home when hopefully I will be blogging a lot, so keep your eyes peeled!

So on Saturday, I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham with one of my best friends Beth. It's only about half an hour from where I am at uni, and we both went about 4 years ago and fancied going again. I was so excited and I can't wait to book my tickets for next year's already!

First of all we watched the Catwalk Fashion/Dance Show. For me, this is A-MAZ-ING. Not only do models do that flawless walk down the catwalk, the hesitation at the end, and the strut back that we all envy let's face it, but there were also 3 or 4 dance scenes of the models and the theme this year was New York/America - my favourite place on earth! So it is really really entertaining.

Rick Edwards hosted this year, I managed to get a photo of him with this topless model giving a goody bag out - the girl who received this got to go on stage and get a cuddle and kisses from him and I'm still jealous today!

Jetta performed, who I had never heard of before but I couldn't believe how amazing her voice was. She was absolutely stunning and her performance was unbelievable. 

Here are some photos from the catwalk / dance show. It really was amazing and I think I sat with my jaw open for the whole hour or so!

We then walked round the endless rows of stalls spending like there was no tomorrow - I spotted Lauren Goodger and had major hair envy!! The queues to have photos with the TOWIE/MIC cast were huge so we just tried to grab snaps from afar - sneaky!

I purchased some Sparkly Lips lipstick - it's not actually a lipstick, it is a hypo allergenic glue and then you use the applicator to roll loose glitter (also face friendly!) over the top. I am such a magpie to anything sparkly and we couldn't wait to try it. I fell in love so much I purchased a tub of the Rose Pink-Red to bring home, and can't wait to wear it to all the Christmas parties and meals over the festive season! 

Barry M had their infamous £10 goody bags which are just incredible. They are so popular girls were running over and handing £10 over without even asking what came in the goody bag. You couldn't choose the things in them but I think it is such good value for money. I received 6 nail varnishes (Gold Crackle Effect, a Metallic Grey which I love, Baby Blue Textured Effects, Black and Gold Glitter, Magnetic Metallic Grey polish and a Limited Edition coral pink colour. I also received 2 dazzle dusts, three eyeliners AND a lipgloss!)

I also purchased the £10 Models Own Goody Bag. What I loved about this was that you chose your three Models Own Nail varnishes, and they put them in a goody bag with the other items for you for £10. As these polishes retail at £5 each I wasn't even bothered what they put in the bag, but it was actually really nice stuff! I received eyelash curlers, four eyeshadow applicators and two make up sponges which I am constantly in need of, two eyeliners, a nail art pen, a lip balm, a pocket mirror and a four sided nail file and buff. Wow!

I also purchased the W7 In the Nude Palette on a whim. These retail at about £7-£8 each, and I managed to bag this for £5. You could get 3 for £10 which is an absolute steal, but I just couldn't think who to buy them for! It is clearly a Urban Decay Palette Dupe, and I was really keen to try this because I've been meaning to start wearing eyeshadow for a while. I've never really been one for eyeshadow, as I'm generally awful at applying it, but I thought for £5 I can't go wrong! If I like it I may make the Urban Decay investment!

Did any of you attend the Clothes Show this weekend? If so, what were your favourite purchases? For those of you who didn't, what do you think of the bargains I managed to pick up? I'd love to hear from you all in the comments below


  1. OMG I went on Saturday too!! It was my first time and I loved it :)
    I blogged about it too:

    Alice x

    1. I hadn't been in like four years - I loved it back then but it's definitely got even better so I'm hoping to go next year as well :) x

  2. Wow looks like you had a great time! Hope you're having a nice Christmas break so far :)

    1. Yeah it was amazing Im going to try and go next year as well but it depends what I'll be doing obviously and where, because I will have graduated! Yes I sure am, hope you are hun :) xx


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