Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Easy Christmas Nails

In previous years, I've been known to attempt some really elaborate over the top Christmassy nail art that has taken me HOURS. Unfortunately this year, I haven't had a lot of free time, and I've also been having Gel Nails whenever I'm home, so I only really have to paint my nails for the few days between my appointments.

Mum's Secret Santa at work bought her this China Glaze red glitter nail varnish, called 'Ruby Pumps' - the photo doesn't do it justice, it reminds me of Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz! It looks amazing under the light and I love it because the glitter is very small and thin, and so I only needed two coats in comparison with some of the chunkier glitter polishes (and I imagine it will be a lot easier to remove!)

The snowflake stickers I purchased on eBay about a week ago - if you would like to buy them, you can find the link here. It is only 99p for a sheet of stickers which I think is an absolute bargain, and even though I've only chosen to do one finger on each hand, one sheet would definitely cover all ten if that's what you wanted! There are lots of different designs from that seller, the stickers I used on my nails have the code: 'SN105' from the drop down menu.

They are the easiest things to apply, and then I just sealed it all in with a top coat. The China Glaze polish literally took seconds to dry as well, so this nail design only took me 5 minutes in total, which is great for any of you rushing off to your Christmas party or who doesn't have much spare time at the moment!

What do you think of my simply Christmas nail design? If any of you have posted about your Christmas nails, please post the link below as I would love to have a nosey! 


  1. The snowflakes are so cute! I never thought of looking on eBay!

    1. Aww thank you :) I know, I've been buying nail art supplies on there for years it is such good value! X


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