Friday, 20 March 2015

London: Phantom of the Opera

So I completely forgot to take photos for about 99% of my London break. I'm looking to invest in a pretty little camera in the next few months and I'm hoping that will give me the nudge I need to remember to take some snaps.

For my Mum's birthday, my Dad decided to treat the three of us to an overnight stay in London and to see a West End Show. We stayed in the Travel Lodge down Drury Lane which is brilliantly cheap and cheerful if you are like me and spend virtually no time in your room, other than to sleep. For around £7 (pre-booked) you can have an all you can eat breakfast in the morning, including your standard fry up and continental options.

My Mum chose to see The Phantom of the Opera and we managed to get tickets on the second row. The view was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, although I got a little scared in places because there was a lot of fire and it is quite dark for a West End Musical. What can I say, I'm a wuss! I knew nothing about the plot before I went, but I absolutely loved it. It was one of the best musicals I have ever seen on either West End or Broadway, and the musical set list was just stunning. One of my favourite things about a musical is beautifully intricate scenery and the changing of backdrops, and there were so many changes throughout the entire show and I was absolutely amazed by the boat on stage, the scene in the graveyard, and at one point a chandelier swung from the top of the theatre right down onto the stage and I think I nearly jumped out of my skin! It was one of those shows where you actually feel your skin tingle the entire way through, it was just mesmerising and I definitely would like to go and see it again in the future.

We paid about £40ish per ticket which I thought was an absolute bargain! We purchased our tickets from and I would definitely recommend scanning the site before planning your trip to London, because you can really overpay for tickets if you buy them from alternative sites.

The next day we had a very relaxing and chilled walk around one of my favourite London hotspots, Covent Garden. I love looking round the market stalls and got drawn in by these personalised wire photo frames. I paid around £4.50 for this and can't wait to find a little place for it in my room. We enjoyed watching the buskers in Covent Garden as well.

After spending forever in the Mac Cosmetics store in Covent Garden and then finding a Costa, we decided to head back to the hotel and check out before coming home. We really did have an amazing two days and it was nice going mid-week for a change. It was so quiet because obviously everyone was at work and tourists usually come at the weekend, so if you have the option, I would definitely consider going sometime in the week. Especially because theatre tickets can be a lot cheaper.

Where are your favourite places in London? Which shows should I see next?


  1. Wow, I've always wanted to go to the west end. I really want to see the Lion King and Wicked as they're meant to be amazing! Love your frame, markets are the best for finding quirky things

    1. I haven't seen Wicked but I managed to catch The Lion King in New York. It was incredible, I actually cried! Thank you, I love quirky personalised things as well :) my Dad bought me one when I was little and it brought back amazing memories seeing them again so I had to get one!

  2. I saw the Phantom of The Opera on Broadway in New York a few years ago and I agree it was definitely such a great performance! // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I bet it was incredible on Broadway! I saw The Lion King and Billy Elliot on Broadway and thought the theatres were so different to the West End!


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