Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Avon Sleep Therapy Sleep Balm Review

If you struggle to get a good nights sleep, then look no further! As someone who always struggles to sleep, discovering this little gem has been a huge help in improving the quality and quantity of my beauty sleep.

The Avon Sleep Therapy Restful Night Sleep Balm resembles Vicks Vapour Rub which you may have used before if you have had a bad cold or cough. It has a Vaseline like texture But this is a balm which you can rub into your wrists and temples to help you nod off. A little goes a long way and so I think this is great value for money. The fragrance is really gentle but noticeable, and I find it so relaxing. I also dab a tiny amount directly under my nose so I can really smell it. That probably sounds really odd, but when I haven't slept properly in a while, I'm willing to try anything and take it to extremes! I have really sensitive skin and often find that balms irritate my skin and give me a slight rash, but I have had no problems with this product whatsoever. 

I'm not going to say with absolute certainty that this will cure any case of insomnia. But as someone who overthinks and over worries before I go to sleep so I never feel switched off, and as someone who sleepwalks and talks and so usually has really disturbed sleep, I find that this does help me unwind before bed and I do tend to sleep better when I remember to apply this. I think all sleep therapy products should be used in conjunction with other techniques you can use yourself - such as not using technology for at least an hour before you go to bed, not working or laying in bed all day - only using your bed to sleep at night so your mind knows that bed = sleep, and so on. 

I picked this up for around £1.50 in an Avon sale a while ago. I've been told it has been discontinued but it is still available to purchase on Amazon and eBay I think if you would like to try this.

If you have tried this what did you think? Can you recommend any other products or techniques to improve my sleep?

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