Saturday, 11 April 2015

DIY Fancy Dress: Bambi

Hi everyone! This afternoon I went to my niece's 5th, nephew's 7th and nephew's 9th joint birthday party! It was fancy dress and most of the children were going as Disney characters so I thought I would stick with that theme and chose my all time favourite - Bambi! 

I thought I would blog about how I Bambi-fied myself. This is great if you're not a fan of full on fancy dress or are just looking for something quick and easy.

My ears are handmade by my sister in law, because I'm rubbish at this sort of thing! She made the ears out of two long leaf shaped pieces of brown felt, and sewed them on by folding each one around the headband. She then sewed the sand coloured felt on top to look like the insides of the ears.

I applied my usual make up and then took my bronzer and applied it all over my forehead, running down my temples and then along my cheekbones like blusher. I then used my finger to apply dots around the side of my face with white eyeshadow. Taking an eyeshadow brush, I then traced brown eyeshadow down from where my eyebrows start down the edges of my nose and coloured in around my nostrils with the same eyeshadow. 

I wore a plain brown tshirt which I picked up for around £2 on eBay and that is all there is to it!

What do you think of my Bambi fancy dress? Next time I'm invited to a fancy dress party I think I will go as Tinkerbell! (I love Disney, can you tell?)


  1. This is the cutest fancy dress I've ever seen! What a great idea! Hope you had a lovely time

    1. Thank you! It was so cheap as well, I only had to buy the felt for my ears and the plain brown tshirt. I will definitely be wearing it again I think! I had a really great time thank you, but ate far too much cake and there was a sweet buffet table that I went a little mad at! xx

  2. You look amazing! This is so cute and looks easy (although I'm sure it's not as easy as you make it sound).

    1. Thank you! Honestly it is, if I can do it anyone can! Because it's mainly eyeshadow if you go a little wrong it is easy to correct or remove and start again :)


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