Sunday, 19 April 2015

Life Update: April 2015

Hi everyone! My Mum has just dropped me off back at my flat ready for my final ever term at University. I thought I would take this opportunity to do a little life update and explain what will be going on over the next month or so as well, as I will be largely absent from all social media *having withdrawal symptoms already*

So I had the most amazing five weeks at home. I had a lot of work to do, including writing my Dissertation, but I also made some amazing memories and had some relaxing quality time with the people I love most. As well as seeing Phantom of the Opera and enjoying a few days away in London for my Mum's birthday, we went on a Spa Day and I had far too many yummy meals out with friends and family (diet definitely starts again tomorrow I promise). I spent a day dressed as Bambi for my niece and two of my nephews joint birthday party and had fun reliving games such as Musical Bumps. As always, I went shopping far too many times, I bought far too many things, and now my bank account is feeling far too sorry for itself. Bring on Student Finance tomorrow is what I say!

But I'm back now and I'm feeling a little empty and sad. I always hate readjusting to coming back, I am such a home bird and wish I could stay surrounded by friends and family in a place that is familiar and comfortable. I only have around four and a half weeks left though and then I will have finished my degree. How scary is that! I honestly can't wait to relieve some of the pressure and to not have to worry about exams anymore.

Over the next month I will be adding the finishing touches to my essays and dissertation, and will be revising like crazy for my dreaded exams. But being the organised girl I am, I've scheduled in two blogs posts each week until my exams have finished. They will be published every Tuesday and Saturday for the next four weeks. I had so much to talk about and review over Easter that I realised I had so many drafted posts that I would be able to keep my blog updated. I am so glad because I didn't want it to suffer while I was busy working. I hope you all keep reading and enjoying everything, if you would like regular updates while I am away please follow me on Bloglovin here.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be going to see Olly Murs and Take That which I am SO excited about, and I have been planning my 21st birthday celebrations for early June, so I literally can't wait for all of these things.

Good luck for any exams or deadlines you have! 


  1. you're going to go see Olly Murs?! so jealous!

    1. Yes on Sunday, I am so excited it is unreal!

  2. you're going to go see Olly Murs?! so jealous!


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