Friday, 3 October 2014

5 Must Have Nail Polishes for Autumn

I'm one of those girls with boxes upon boxes of nail varnish. I have been doing nail art for about 4 years now, and my family and friends always love when I paint their nails. Which means I always like to have a variety of colours, but also that I'm bought a lot of them as presents, and I also won a Barry M competition once where I won 10! 

I try and be strict when I'm moving back to university, because when your car is full of everything except the kitchen sink, it can be difficult justifying to my Dad why I need two boxes of nail varnish. So I brought a limited number back with me this time, mainly Autumnal colours which I think are perfect for the colder months. Here are my top 5 to share with you all, in case you're in Boots or Superdrug over the next week and fancy treating yourselves! As you can probably tell, I'm a HUGE fan of Barry M when it comes to my nails. I think they are not only extremely affordable, but last well and look amazing.

Barry M 273 Raspberry | This is my favourite of the five I will admit. I love this colour because burgundy is one of my favourite colours, but I also like how this nail varnish varies. If you want a lighter colour, stick to the one coat, but I prefer two which makes it a darker burgundy colour. Even though this is not in their Gel range, it is really shiny and I think it looks nice on either long or short nails

Barry M AQNP3 Caspian 404 | This was released as part of the Barry M Aquarium range earlier in the year. I have several of these polishes, but the gold has been extremely popular among my family and friends of all ages. When light reflects on it, it shimmers pink and blue, which looks really nice. This polish has been great for when I have been working over summer in an office environment, and don't want to have bright nails which aren't really formal or appropriate!

Barry M GNP 3 Watermelon 242 | I won this as part of a Barry M Competition earlier in the year, where you won various Barry M goodies, and in particular the latest Gel and Textured polishes. Teal is one of my favourite colours, and I love these Gel polishes for when I can't afford to have gel nails done professionally. This colour is perhaps a little dark for me considering I'm fairly pale, but it is a great colour nonetheless and one I would definitely recommend

Barry M TNP 5 Princess 337 | This was in fact a present from my four year old niece, who is most definitely a princess in waiting! Pink is her favourite colour, and she loves when I paint her nails, so she probably bought me this with herself in mind! I love the pink glittery colour (apologies that it doesn't photograph well). Just because it is colder doesn't mean our nails HAVE to be darker, and this is great for any celebrations, parties or nights out, or just to add a touch of sparkle to any old day!

Barry M 325 Denim 339 | This was also a gift from my niece for Christmas. I will admit I was a bit sceptical of whether I would like Denim effect nails, but the metallic blue with a hint of glitter is really nice! It's perfect for if you don't want anything too bold, but want a hint of sparkle!

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