Friday, 31 October 2014

October Favourites

*Apologies for the rubbish photo - photography is something I'm going to work on over the next few weeks

Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume Dry Shampoo
I have done a more detailed review of this before which you can view here if you're interested. This was a whim purchase and I was sceptical it wouldn't live up to Batiste, but I actually love it so much more. I am never left with white powder around my hairline, the spray consistency is much finer and so my hair doesn't feel 'clogged up' with product, yet it gets the job done! This product leaves my hair feeling almost like it has been freshly washed and does give it amazing volume which lasts all day.

Moisturing socks and gloves
You can purchase these in several places, but my particular pairs are from Avon. As soon as the weather turns colder and windier, my skin immediately dries up and goes all flaky on me. After my evening shower, I've been lathering my hands and feet in my favourite moisturiser, Soap and Glory's Body Butter, and then placing the socks and gloves on. They are cotton and so your skin can still breathe, and in the morning I wake up to smooth hands and feet.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I have previously reviewed this product here if anyone would like to read a little more about it. This for me is the ultimate lip exfoliating scrub. I apply this before any make up, and then use a Nivea Lip Balm before applying any other lip products. It has banished away my usual Autumnal dry lips for good, and the best thing is that you can lick the excess away and it tastes like Bubblegum. Yum!

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow in 'And On Bronze'
I have never really worn eyeshadow before. I'm really impatient with make up and so any of my attempts at eye make up look awful. This cream eyeshadow is really easy to apply and is buildable so you can have an understated look or something a bit more daring for a night out. I love the Bronzey-gold colour, which is perfect for Autumn! I look like I haven't even touched the pot, so I think this will be one that will last a while. I've been wearing this every day recently and it has been doing wonders for brightening my tired and dull looking eyes up.

No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in 'Coral Rose'
This is something I purchased with one of those £3 off No 7 vouchers they are always handing out in Boots. This is not too far off my natural lip colour, so is perfect for everyday, but is great for adding definition and moisture.

What are your favourite products this month?

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