Monday, 20 October 2014

My Train Journey Essentials

It always surprises me how very little train travel some people use. This is only really because since moving to university, it has become a regular occurrence for me and feels almost second nature, like hopping in a car.

I'm not a huge fan of train journeys however, particularly when I'm hauling half of my earthly possessions across platforms and up and down stairs and things. I also hate that feeling of - "have I got everything?" But have no fear - if you are a train travel novice or have a journey coming up, here is a list of my essentials when travelling by train.

If travel by train is something you do regularly, I would definitely recommend seeing if there is a railcard available. Mine is the one for 16-25 year olds, and I save a third on my journeys which makes it very worthwhile! There is also one for over 65s and also families I believe.

I will go through a phase where I can happily sit chilled out on a train for hours doing nothing. But right now is not one of those phases! An iPod is a must have when you have people on their phones being annoying for over an hour, or if you just want a bit of peace and quiet from the general train noise. 

Comfortable footwear
I am always amazed by how many women cope in heels at train stations and on trains. I struggle on a flat pavement, let alone moving escalators or trains, or while carrying lots of things. Travelling home for me takes about 4 hours via train and I need to make 2-3 changes, so I rely very heavily upon my trusty White Vans! 

Train stations and platforms are generally very cold places. Trains I find are either too hot or cold, so I find wearing lots of layers is best. I always take my university hoody, just because it is easy to slip on, light, and very comfy for when I'm nodding off on the train! 

Mini make up bag
Because I'm on the train for so long, I usually look like I've been on a short haul flight by the end of my travel. A mini make up bag with your essentials (my essential top ups are concealer, powder and lip balm) is really useful, particularly if you are going on the train for a nice day out or interview. 

I'm eating healthily at the moment, and trying to lose weight, so no snacks for me boo! I definitely recommend taking snacks and drinks with you because the trollies on trains can be quite pricey and, like the vendors on platforms, have a rather unhealthy selection which obviously doesn't work for me. I used to always have a red bull on trains instead of water to keep me going, which may work for you.

The book in the picture is a uni book, but a novel or magazine is also good for passing time. If you are a uni student though, I'd recommend doing work on the train so you can spend more quality time with your family when you go home. 

I hope you enjoyed this post - what are your train journey essentials?


  1. What an amazing post! I can relate a lot, since I have to take the train every week end to go back home from uni. The journey it's more than 4 hours long, so I learned to take with me something to do. I always have something to read for the courses I'm taking, but I also always have my laptop with me with some episodes or movies on it.
    I thought about buying a Kindle to have something to read always with me, but I can't seem to buy it here in Switzerland.... I used to bring with me the book I was reading, but I already have so many things with me that it becomes too heavy overall.
    Another thing that I started taking with me for a while now, is some yarn and my knitting needle, so I can make something as well.

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

    1. Yes, I go home from uni every two weeks, sometimes even more if I'm homesick, so I guess we are in the same boat! My journey also takes around 4 hours and 10 minutes, so I completely agree that you have to have lots of things to do. I always take university reading but sometimes it is good to relax with a nice magazine or novel, or film like you said :) Kindles are great, I know quite a lot of people that like them. I actually was given one by someone who didn't want one, but I sold it as I was fundraising for a charity expedition to Africa at the time! It was well worth it haha. That's a really good idea, unfortunately I can't knit. My nan tried showing me when I was younger but I have forgotten since, which is such a shame! I was thinking of taking cross stitch up though, because patterns seem so cheap to buy and I think I would find it relaxing, but what with uni reading, work, and job applications at the moment, I don't seem to have much time!


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