Saturday, 23 August 2014

Balloons: Guinness World Record Attempt

So it's only just gone 2pm and I'm already exhausted! I've been interning at a local charity, the Butterfly Hospice Trust. Today, as a hospice, we offered to help recruit people to participate in a Guinness World Record Attempt held by our local shopping centre to celebrate their 10th birthday. For every participant the Hospice got to sign up, we received a donation from the shopping centre.

The shopping centre decided to try and break the Guinness World Record of blowing more than 500 balloons in one space at one time - and within SIXTY SECONDS. Yes that's right, one minute. There were around 150 of us in total blowing balloons up, and it was a lot harder than it sounds. I'm just glad we were all sat down, because we had three attempts and I nearly passed out on two of them!

Unfortunately, we didn't break the record, we only got 391. There were a lot of children participating though, and so I didn't think we would do it. But it was still a good day. The atmosphere was good, despite the weather being horrible! It chucked it down on our third and final attempt. But we had performances from Alice in Wonderland characters, music booming out across the shopping centre and we were all given a free tshirt. They aren't necessarily the coolest tshirts in the world, but I love a free tshirt to run in! 

I think we managed to get a lot of participants on behalf of the Hospice, so I have my fingers crossed that we will have a large donation coming our way!

Have you ever attempted to break a Guinness World Record? Any weird and wonderful plans this weekend?

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