Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday Shopping with my Nan

Today I decided to spend the morning with my Nan. I took her uptown so she could run a few errands, and then I took her for a spot of lunch. I had lasagne and chips which was so so naughty of me considering I'm supposed to be dieting!

While I was uptown, I picked up a few things. I'm supposed to be controlling my shopping because my room and wardrobe is literally overflowing, but I just can't resist!

My Nan decided to treat me to these lovely sunglasses, I was already in the queue waiting to pay when she slipped the lady the money before I could say no! They are tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses and are quite oversized. I'm always paranoid when sunglasses shopping because I generally hate my nose and think it's far too big, and sunglasses just seem to draw attention to that! But in these, I think my nose actually looks smaller, so how could I say no! These were £5 in the sale from Dorothy Perkins.

I also picked up my Ryman order which I had placed online. As I'm uptown 2-3 times a week at the moment anyway, I chose to have it delivered to store to save on postage. I absolutely love stationary shopping, and these were an absolute bargain! I got three 160 page Pukka Pad Refill Pads on '3 for 2' and 10 Stabilo Fineliners which are my favourite pens ever. I found an amazing discount code online, and so I got all of this for £6.49 which I thought was so good! As the pens alone are usually more than this. I'm putting all of this aside ready for when I go back to university in a few weeks.

How have you spent your Saturday? What are your stationary must-haves for school or university? I'd love to hear from you in the comments

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