Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 Goals for University this year

So tomorrow is the big day. After one hell of an amazing summer, I am finally moving back to university. I'm so so sad to say goodbye to my family, home friends, my house and all its home comforts, but I am excited for my third and final university adventure. Especially for the Graduation Ball and Ceremony!

I've decided to set myself a few goals to really make the most of my last undergraduate year at university. I figured that if I share them on here, then I HAVE to stick to them, or everyone will be messaging me telling me off for not completing them!

1. Lose more weight
While I'm proud of my progress so far, this last week I've been so busy finishing my internship, packing, and saying goodbye to everyone that I haven't done as much exercise as I would have liked. I've only completed one run, which I'm disappointed at as I was really getting into the swing of things. All these goodbye meals have seen a lot of Lasagnes, Burgers, Chinese, Fish and Chips as well! I'm hoping to really get back into the healthy eating once I return to uni, and get back into running at least three times a week. We will be living near a beautiful park, so I have no excuse! 

2. Join another society
Warwick Uni has more societies than any other university in the country, so this shouldn't be a hard one! In first year I was a member of the Politics Society and the Craft Society, but in second year I only joined Politics. (Well, I joined a few others but they weren't organised very well, in my defence!) This year, I have my eye on one of the dance societies, so hopefully that should help me achieve my first and second goals! I danced for 12 years before university, and I do really miss it. I hope I'll make lots of new friends as well, you can never have too many!

3. Organise the next step of my life
I have started applying for several jobs now, which will probably take a few months as they are Graduate Schemes. I'm also researching Postgraduate study as an option, and have my eye on a particular Masters course at the University of Warwick. By the end of this academic year in June, I would love to have the next stage of my life organised. I'm really worried that I will have to go home and find some temporary work and keep applying for graduate jobs. At the moment I am just keeping my options open because I know I would be absolutely OVER THE MOON to receive any of the opportunities I'm currently pursuing. 

4. Come home more often
Over the past two years, I only managed to come home once a term because of other commitments and relationships. Now I'm single, and should have less contact hours (lectures and seminars) I'm hoping to come home every 2-3 weeks for a weekend at a time. I absolutely love coming home from university - I get spoilt by everyone, book myself in for a few beauty treatments and just generally love seeing everyone. I bring work home with me and continue working, but just being back in my home environment - there is nothing like it!

5. Have more confidence
Last year I also tried to be more confident, and I think I did progress in this goal, but not as much as I would have liked. In so many social situations and in all of my professional work environments, I'm always absolutely fine. But this year I would definitely like to talk more in seminars, chat to more people on my course, have more confidence in my academic ability and just in myself generally.

Have you set yourself any goals for this school/university year? 


  1. Those are really good goals! I hope you will be able to realize all of them!

    INDIELLIE | life style & photography blog

    1. Thank you very much! Me too, can't believe summer has gone already. Time flies doesn't it!

  2. I am certain you will achieve all of your goals this year, I am looking forward to seeing them happen. And if everything else fails I will badger you to go for a run with me

  3. Thanks Ciaran! Looking forward to seeing you, set to be an exciting year for the Politics Society! :)


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