Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gift Guide for Little Princesses

So my niece officially started big school on Wednesday. We all gave her a little good luck present, and it was also a sort of well done present because she was just so brave! I decided since my last Gift Guide for Girls post (here) was so popular, I would do a mini series of these posts. Enjoy!


1. Personalised Wooden Heart Bunting - I think this heart bunting is just so cute and is great to hang across their door, or above their bed or along their cot. They also do this in blue hearts if your little girl prefers blue - I don't believe in forcing pink on girls! You can purchase this from Etsy here - the price obviously varies according to how long the name is

2. Build a Bear - So Build a Bear workshops now stock these My Little Pony bears which I know would be extremely popular with my eldest niece! I think Build a Bears make the perfect present for little girls, because if you take them and make it with them, you're creating happy memories in the process! They are fairly pricey in my opinion, but I know kids love stuffing them and dressing them and giving them names.

3. Fancy dress - I used an example of a Minnie Mouse fancy dress because I think this costume is so cute, and this is only £13 from Tesco. I've never met a child that doesn't love fancy dress, and there is literally a costume for everything! Superheroes, Disney, Animals, Cowboys and Indians, Police, Nurse, you name it, you'd be able to find it on Google! 

4. Disney Princess Crown Earrings - My eldest niece had her ears pierced when she was one and even though she is only four she loves going into a jewellery shop and choosing some earrings. She really is a girly girl! Always double check with their parents though in case they can only wear Gold or Silver, or have any allergies. 

5. Hama Beads - When I was little, I loved making things, including Hama Beads. You can buy sets, but you can also just buy huge tubs of beads and the templates to put them on. All you have to do is fill the template, then using some of the Hama Paper, iron over it and voila! You have a nice little momento and it is a great rainy day activity.

6. Frozen Character Hair Clips - I think these are just perfect, I'm going to purchase my niece them when I next get paid. They have crocodile clips on the back and are handmade beautifully, as you can see. These can be purchased on, where you can find most Disney characters. Just search 'Disney Character Hair Clip' and hundreds come up, where you can find them to ship to your country and at various prices and in various styles

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide for little girls! I know my nieces would love everything on this list! 


  1. I think I would have this wooden heart bunting now! Love Etsy, great suggestions x

    1. Yes I have some paper bunting spelling my name out and I'm 20! You're never too old :)

      Thank you for the comment, I shall check out your blog tomorrow x


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