Tuesday, 16 September 2014

5 things which have made me happy this week

I originally started these posts in the hope they would become a mini series over time, but unfortunately over the last few weeks I've completely forgotten to do these!

Basically, this summer while I've been away from university, I've been focusing on being positive and removing any negativity from my life. I think if you're positive in yourself, good and happy things are more likely to happen! So here are 5 things which have made me happy this week:

1. Fooood!

So while I'm supposed to be dieting and exercising to get the final half a stone off, I've actually spent the week indulging! I've been to a local pub with my friend (as you can see above, there was no way I was going to pass up the offer of this beauty of a burger and a pudding!) I've also been for a carvery and to the Chinese. I go back to uni on Thursday though, so I blame most of the meals on saying goodbye to various family and friends. While I've thoroughly enjoyed the food, I'll definitely be back on the diet as of next week!

 2. Friends

So I've managed to find time this week to see quite a lot of my friends, which of course makes me very happy. Now we are all at different universities or working full time jobs at home, it can be difficult to properly keep in touch. But we had a lovely meal altogether on the Friday, and on the Saturday a few of us went out into town for a few drinks. 

3. Making some money

This week I've got stuck into my cardmaking again - for a few weeks it went really quiet because I had so much going on, I just didn't have the time. I like to make my cards extremely special and take great care, so if I feel I don't have time, I'd rather turn orders away. I've had four or five orders this week, AND me and my Mum have sold tonnes of stuff on eBay. The money is definitely making me happy, because I've still got a fortnight until my student finance comes in!

4. Being a top auntie

One of the things that has made me extremely happy this week is that I feel like I've been a good auntie. I've been to pick three of my nieces and nephews up from school twice, and I've been for tea several times. They had fun doing my hair, we played Mario Kart, and played football in the garden. I've had lots of BIG kisses and cuddles from them this week, so I must be doing OK! I also managed to see my other brother's two children for a few hours on Sunday which was lovely

5. X Factor is back!

Although Olly Murs obviously isn't on the X Factor this year, I had to steal this photo from Instagram because I think he just looks absolutely perfect! But this week I've loved just chilling in my pyjamas with my feet up watching X Factor. At university I never seem to just relax - during term time I feel like I should be working every single second and it really does get on top of me. It was nice just to take an evening to just chill!

What has made you happy this week?

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