Monday, 8 September 2014

Matilda the Musical

Yesterday, my Auntie, Nan, Mum and I travelled down to London on the train to watch the matinee performance of Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre near Covent Garden. My Nan purchased my ticket for me, as my 21st birthday present! I'm not 21 until next June, so it was a lovely early gift!

Whilst queueing to go in, I just happened to look to the side of me and there was Russell Brand grinning at me! I must admit I gawped a little bit - I couldn't quite believe it was him. He's really good looking in real life but doesn't do it for me on the TV! He wasn't there for long and I was gawping for so long I couldn't ask for a photo which is a shame.

We were on the second row, which was just amazing! The voices were there, you were staring right in the faces of the actors, and there is a part where they fly from the stage on playground swings - well the actors were right above us at one point! It was just MAGICAL.

The children were absolutely amazing! I know most child actors are, but there was something about these - I loved all of them! They were so professional and talented - and ridiculously cute! 

Miss Trunchbull was played by a man and he was definitely my favourite - such a scary face but funny at the same time! 

I would definitely recommend buying tickets to see this Musical. I think they were about £70 each, but I'm sure you could get far cheaper tickets if you don't mind sitting in a different spot. 

I've already seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical, and I keep being asked which was better - and I honestly can't choose! So go and see both!

Have you seen Matilda? Or Charlie? What did you think? Which other West End shows would you recommend?

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