Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Afternoon Tea

For lunch today, my Nan, my Mum and I decided to go for an Afternoon Tea in an independent cafe called Archie Hardwicks in Boston, Lincolnshire. 

For £7.99 each, we received a huge pot of tea - we got about three cups each out of it. We got a cake stand of sandwiches (egg mayo, cheese and pickle and ham salad) and some crisps. We also were given another cake stand, where we each got one scone with jam and cream, and a huge SLAB of Victoria Sponge. 

It was nice to just chat and relax and pig out! I'm going back to university in a fortnight so it was nice for the three of us to get together. I've been working so hard to lose weight (I've lost 6 pounds so far this summer) but it was nice to have a bit of treat. The food was absolutely amazing! Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things and we really did have such a lovely day.

Don't worry - I'm going running shortly and swimming later on this evening, so hopefully that will burn some of this off!

What is your favourite thing about an afternoon tea? Have you been up to anything exciting today? As always, I love reading your comments


  1. Your blog is so lovely! and this was a great post, it has got me craving a pot of tea!

    Snow x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, comments like this really make my day! I know, I love a nice pot of tea, it arrived at the table in all of this lovely vintage china as well. Simply beautiful!

      Thank you for following my blog on bloglovin', I have followed you back. I will check your blog out now while I'm enjoying some ice cream!

      Shannon x


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