Monday, 1 September 2014

White Vans Authentic Lo Pro Trainers

This morning I went to collect my new Vans from the post office.

I wanted some new trainers for my mini mid-week getaway on Wednesday. I'm going down to Norfolk so we can spend the day with family who have just purchased a boat on the Norfolk broads. As I'll be hopping on and off boats and walking around the broads, I wanted some comfy shoes that weren't going to fly off into the water! Also, one of my jobs entails helping on University Open Days from 8-6, and I'm constantly running around, so they will come in handy for that!

I find it difficult buying trainers that I like, because I feel so masculine in them. My feet are quite big for my height (5 ft 6) and considering I'm a girl (Size 8) and I just feel like my feet look huge in trainers.

I'm really pleased with my purchase! I don't feel like my feet look AS big, and they are so comfy! They are ten times more comfortable than my black converse, and they fit in with my white obsession I've been having lately. 

I got these on eBay brand new for £32.00 including postage, which is a lot cheaper than Office or Schuh, even with student discount!

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