Thursday, 24 July 2014

15 Pick Me Ups

Lately, I have been extremely happy, don't get me wrong. But everyone has their down days. I'm terrible for overthinking and worrying, and that is usually when I start to feel my mood worsen. Yesterday I felt quite rubbish. Without going into details, someone really upset me in the way they spoke to me after I did a huge favour for them, and I also had a lot of university stress whirling around my mind.

But don't worry, this isn't going to be a depressing post. I just wanted to make a quick list of my favourite pick me ups for when I'm feeling low. Even if you are the happiest person in the world, you still have your low moments. If you're not feeling low, try any of these and I can guarantee you'll feel even happier!

1. TALK. Talking about it helps. Don't try and bottle it up. However, don't keep going round in circles. Sometimes you can find yourself going over and over it again and again with various people. Sometimes I think it's best to meet up with a friend for a coffee, or sit down with your mum, talk it out, get an opinion, and LET IT GO.

2. Warm milky drink - If you are particularly bad for over thinking/ stressing late at night, you're not going to sleep. A lack of sleep will only make it worse! I love Hot Chocolates and Ovaltines to help me destress.

3. Get outside - Fresh air is one of the best medicines for stress or feeling sad. It increases oxygen to your organs and body, and relieves a lot of tension. It's something to do as well!

4. Exercise - It releases endorphins, simple as. Try anything once and if you like it, try and stick at it. If you hate running and moving about, try yoga or pilates. They are great for reaxing!

5. Shopping - If your finances is something you're worrying about, this definitely isn't the one for you! But sometimes a little treat will perk me up.

6. Eat - A lack of food will only make you feel worse, even if you don't think you're hungry. When I'm really stressed, I try drinking lots of water and eating toast regularly, because I really don't like the thought of food when I'm really stressed. But sometimes when I'm sad, a bar of chocolate or a nice cake will make me feel better!

7. Say "no" - if you're feeling stressed, don't feel bad about saying "no" to doing favours for others. I feel bad saying "no", but I'm gradually learning to do it. If you've got a lot on your plate, don't take more on than you can handle.

8. Make plans - I overthink when I'm doing nothing, simple. If you keep yourself busy, you won't do it. Even if you can't make plans for today, I love having something to look forward to.

9. Do a good deed - Sometimes when you're feeling sad, it can make you feel better to do something for someone else, to make THEM happy. If you are stressed, refer back to number 7, and don't do this!

10. Music - Listen to your favourite song, unless it's sad. A lot of my favourite songs are sad, but I downloaded a running playlist which is quite upbeat so I stick that on. It lifts my mood instantly

11. Candles - Maybe it's just me, but I love a good candle. I love the smell, the heat they give off, and even just looking at them. I recommend Yankee candles- expensive but smell amazing.

12. Films - Stick one of your favourite films on, as long as it's not sad. A comedy is obviously good at cheering you up, but anything like Grease is perfect at making me feel better. I wish I was a Pink Lady!

13. Hot Bath - Combine this with the candles and I'm in heaven. I'm one of those people who are ALWAYS cold, so heat instantly makes me happy. Get a nice bubble bath, fill that badboy up and just lay there. Grab a few magazines or a good book and you're good to go. I have a jacuzzi bath so I like to put that on and I feel the tension release from my muscles almost instantaneously. 

14. What are you grateful for? - I was given this tip a while ago, and while I was sceptical at first, it does actually work! Whenever you're down, list three things which you are grateful for, in your head. Sometimes it can put your life in perspective - often I find myself disgusted for being such an idiot over mediocre first world problems!

15. Bye bye social media - Sometimes when I'm stressed, I love nothing more than signing out of Facebook and Twitter. I love social media for staying in touch with family and friends. But it is so true what psychologists say - SO much drama is caused by social media! Sometimes it's good to take a break and focus on getting off your phone/laptop and getting some fresh air.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me! 

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