Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites

July has been one busy month! The weather has been gorgeous and I've definitely been making the most of my days. Here is a quick post of my favourite things this month, from absolute lifesaver products sent down from heaven, to those which have just made me an extremely happy girl.

First up is the CND Solar Nail and Cuticle Oil. I suffer with terrible cuticles, they grow so quickly and tend to split so badly they bleed, which in turn stunts my nail growth and makes them very brittle. Rubbing a tiny amount of this oil into my cuticles and nails each day has really made my skin a lot better and my nails a lot stronger.

I am a huge fan of Simple skincare. This Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub accidentally fell into my basket in Superdrug a few weeks ago and I'm so happy I purchased this. It claims to be a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and a skin-loving exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin brighter and more even textured. I can confirm it definitely does what it says on the tin. I use this product once a week on top of the Liz Earle 3 step skincare range, and I've noticed my skin looks a lot brighter and healthier.

This product has been in my make up bag for about a year now, and I will not even consider switching foundations. The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Brightening Foundation is oil-free and SPF 25, and gives me a fresh, dewy glow, which is the look I love. It definitely makes my skin luminous and healthy looking, and I think it is definitely worth the price of £26.50. I am thinking of trying the Benefit Big Easy in addition to this product, for days when I can't be bothered to paint on a full face, and hope it lives up to my expectations since trying this foundation.

This Maybelline Big Eye Liner has already been reviewed on this blog here and it is definitely one of my favourite products this month. My eyes look a lot bigger and I look more wide awake, which is perfect because I'm not sleeping very much at the moment and am having a lot of early starts! Sometimes I don't even use the black end, the nude coloured end just does wonders for something so simple.

My lack of sleep also means this Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On has been a lifesaver. This eye gel is so refreshing and reduces my puffy tired eyes. The roller ball means it is really cool on your skin.

I discovered the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water online, after reading hundreds of blogs raving about it. I use quite a lot of eye make up so I am glad I've finally found a remover that doesn't make my eyes red and sore. Because this is water, it is so delicate which makes it perfect for sensitive skin like mine. While it is delicate, it still gets the job done, and I've had no panda eyes since using this product. Some people take their full face of make up off with this, and say it's amazing. I stick to my make up wipes still for my face. I've never used make up wipes on my eyes though because it tends to damage my eyelashes and pull them out. It was £5 for this huge bottle, which they claim lasts for 200 uses. I've been using this for about a month now and I'm only a third of the way through which I think is amazing! 

So while this isn't a beauty product like the rest, I had to mention them. These are some New Look Sandals which I picked up in the sale for £15. I mentioned them in a previous blog post, and now I've had the chance to wear them, I'm even more in love. I've barely taken them off. They are so comfortable yet the jewels mean you can wear them to formal occasions as well. I was a bit worried the jewels would fall out, but I've even crawled in these (don't ask!) and they are still intact. I think they have since sold out, so sorry to wave them under your nose!

Have you tried anything I've mentioned? What do you think of my purchases?

I'm still so completely amazed with how many blog views I've been receiving, it really means a lot to me that people take their time to read my thoughts.

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