Tuesday, 29 July 2014

NOTD: White Gel Nails

This morning I had by nails done and I am so pleased with them! I had finally grown my nails nice and long, but I've started biting again unfortunately. My cuticles were in desperate need of some TLC and my hands just looked a mess really. Peeling skin, bleeding and wonky nails, great!

I'm not a fan of acrylic nails myself. I think they look absolutely lovely on other people, but I think they do too much damage to your natural nails and are awfully expensive. In comparison, gel is beautifully shiny and my nails grow dramatically when I have it on. 

My friend Lucy owns her own mobile business, and I wouldn't let anyone else do my nails because she is just so amazing. She spent an hour in total giving them a thorough manicure, and painting them. She has a wide range of colours, but I have a white obsession at the moment so it wasn't a difficult choice!

This will last about 2 weeks, and at £15 she is the cheapest gel nail artist I know! And because she comes to your house, I find it so much more relaxing, which is surely the whole point of pampering! I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who lives locally to myself.

Lucy also does massages, waxes, tints, and so on! If anyone would like her contact details, message me.


  1. Thankyou so much Shannon. That's made my day :-) xx

    1. Glad you like it! Really happy with my nails, you stopped them from hurting!! I'm booked in to have them again when I have my massage I think, so hopefully they'll start growing again xx


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