Saturday, 19 July 2014

Rock N' Bowl

I just got back from my nephew's 13th birthday party. I honestly can't believe he is 13, it brings a bit of a tear to my eye. I was only 7 years old when he was born, and I really feel like we grew up together. He was like a younger sibling to me. I find it so amazing watching this little tot grow into an amazing person, forming his interests and talents. I can't wait to see him achieve his dreams and I'll be there every step of the way with him, cheering him on.

Anyway, there's my soppy cringey bit over with. He wanted to go bowling at Boston Bowl and then eat in the newly refurbished diner afterwards. I absolutely LOVE bowling. It's something I wish I did more often. It's one of those things where EVERYONE seems to have fun, no matter how good or bad at it you are! It was only £25 for the hour for a lane, and you can have up to around 6 people on a lane, so I thought that was really cheap! I won on my lane, although I was against my nephews and nieces, ranging in age from 4-8! Here are some action shots from the bowling area. I absolutely LOVE this New York wallpaper.

When I got there, I couldn't believe how gorgeous the diner was. I love that vintage sort of feel when it comes to restaurants, it was just absolutely spot on. The Beatles and Elvis were playing, and the food was really good.

I opted for the 'Big Bad Bacon Cheeseburger', being one of my favourite things to order when I eat out. I paid extra for 'the full works' - which meant you got chips and onion rings. The food was that little bit pricey in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, the meat is locally sourced and the Coke is glass bottled, but my Mum's flavoured water was £3.30 which in my opinion, is ridiculous, and I don't think you got enough onion rings and chips for the price. Maybe that's just me being a greedy guts as per! You can't really see the burger from the photo but it was absolutely perfect; often I find restaurants go for great meat but rubbish salad. The salad was really tasty and fresh and it included gherkins which I love. My brother also ordered the salad and they look amazing from there (and I don't often say that about a salad!)

I had such an amazing evening, and I definitely recommend anyone who lives locally to myself going now that it has all been done up. You can pay per person per game; I think you get 3 games for £12.50, but I would just recommend paying for the lane for an hour. 

If you don't live locally, I still say grab a few friends and go bowling! 
Can anyone recommend any other fun things to do over summer?

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