Thursday, 31 July 2014

LONDON: Ripley's, Planet Hollywood & Hamley's

Yesterday I took my nephew to London for a day out for his 13th birthday. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed our day.

Our first stop was Ripley's Museum. Me and my Mum have been to the one in New York before and thought it was amazing. I could definitely tell it would be something my nephew would enjoy, and he was completely in his element! 

It is a museum full of weird and wonderful artefacts, which all began when someone called Ripley started collecting all these quirky objects so many years ago. There is a wide variety of things in there, from statues representing the world's tallent man and world's fattest woman, unique artwork made from ants and artwork on rice that you need a magnifying glass to see! There is just so much to take in, you literally find yourself in there for hours walking round in circles! It is over 5 floors so you can really spend a good morning or afternoon in there.

Here are a few photos of my favourite objects in the museum:

A Mini Cooper covered in genuine Swarovski crystals with a New York/America theme

A knitted ferrari made completely from wool

A portrait of President John F Kennedy made from butterflies

A portrait of Princess Catherine made from lipstick kisses

John Lennon from the Beatles painted on a Volkswagen Beetle bonnet
Olympic torches from the last 20 or so Olympic Games

Because we purchased Ripley's tickets, we got to have a go in the Laser Race for free. Basically it is a pitch black room which you have to move across while lasers scan all over, avoiding the lasers, to unlock the door on the other side. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like a genuine jewel thief (I think I took it a little too seriously!) All the staff were laughing at me because I kept setting the lasers off with my bum! I was pretty rubbish.

By the time we were done, I was absolutely starving, which meant it was the perfect time for my nephew's second birthday surprise - a meal in Planet Hollywood. Again, we had eaten in Planet Hollywood in New York before and the food is just absolutely AMAZING. I recommend if you want to go to Ripley's, purchase the tickets for Ripleys & Planet Hollywood all in one on Ripley's website. I think it's called the 'Feast on Fun' package. The food is fairly expensive from the main menu, and if you purchase both tickets together in this way it works out that on top of the Ripley's standard admission the food is only £9 each for a two course meal and drink!

Planet Hollywood restaurants are full of genuine memorabilia from films, and autographs and hand prints of famous actors and actresses. I have to say Planet Hollywood in New York was a little more exciting and had a lot more things, but it was still an amazing experience eating here.

I ordered a cheeseburger with fries, which was absolutely perfect. It was crammed full of fresh, high quality salad, and pickles which I love! The cheesecake for dessert brought back so many wonderful memories of New York - it was a PROPER New York Cheesecake; really creamy and delicious.

After eating, we wandered round the restaurant so we could have a proper look at everything. Here is the helmet Tom Hanks wore as Forrest Gump in the war in Vietnam, when he was shot in the but-tox!

These are Macaulay Culkin's handprints - I have to say I fangirled a little bit here. I'm a huge Home Alone fan and enjoyed reading Macaulay Culkin's autobiography. I know he has his problems but his acting as a child just melts my heart!

After eating, we wandered down Regent Street for a spot of shopping before coming home. I only purchased one thing so I'm really proud of myself! It was only a lip scrub from Lush, no clothes or anything! My nephew really wanted to go in Hamley's, and my god I never realised how big it was! I think it's a little overrated myself - I would much rather buy toys for children on the internet at a lower price than in a jam packed multi-storey crazy atmosphered toy shop, but maybe that's my claustrophobic tendencies talking! It was quite fun, with the staff demonstrating lots of the toys and children taking their turns with them looking so excited! My nephew did enjoy himself in there and that is the main thing! So if you have children with you, I'd definitely recommend taking any children in there, they will love it!

Here is Queen Elizabeth made of lego!

Overall we really had the most perfect day out - I was definitely ready for my bed when I got home! I bought my nephew several spy toys from the Ripley's gift shop, which I'm sure I'll live to regret when he's watching me with his Spy Glasses where he can see behind him without turning around, and recording my conversations on his new Spy Pen!

Where are your favourite places in London?

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