Saturday, 26 July 2014

Birthday Celebrations in Woodhall Spa

I have been looking forward to this weekend for absolutely ages! Usually I'm a bit worried that I have become so excited and built it all up so much that it is a disappointment when it actually arrives. But so far, this weekend has been absolutely spot on.

My sister-in-law turns 30 tomorrow, and so she decided to book a holiday camping for her, my brother and their four children, not far away from home in Woodhall Spa. It's a gorgeous quaint town with woodland walks, swimming facilities, old fashioned pubs, vintage style shops, and amazing bakeries.

We drove down this morning to spend some time with them. I won't lie, I only got two hours sleep last night, so the fact I was awake and ready by 8 is a miracle in my opinion! When we arrived, we decided to play some games outside in the sun. We did everything from colouring Mr Men characters in, to playing tennis, to wearing these velcro hats and throwing balls at each others heads! Considering my lack of sleep, I'm surprised I was able to function at all, but we had so much fun I couldn't sit it out. As you can see, the velcro hat didn't fit over my gigantic head, but I improvised best I could!

We then went to grab a spot of lunch from our favourite bakery. I never remember what it is called unfortunately, but it is absolutely amazing! They make their own chocolates as well as bread, sandwiches and cakes. I think this display of miniature cupcakes and doughnuts is absolutely adorable! The photo doesn't do justice how small these actually were! I would say they were about an inch in height.

We each ordered a small bap and a cake each, but the sandwiches are absolutely huge! We took them back to their tent so we could relax in the sun, or because I'm a milk bottle, in the shade for me! 

While we were walking back to the tent, I noticed a little milkshake bar called Smoovies and simply couldn't walk past. They are similar to the high street brand 'Shake a Break', making ice cream milkshakes with popular sweets and chocolate bars. I ordered my 'Shake a Break' favourite, Refreshers sweets milkshake. It was so yummy, and really refreshing given how hot it was today. I promise I wasn't as grumpy as I looked, the sun was just directly in our face when this was taken!

Completely refreshed, we made our way back to the tent to enjoy our lunch, and a surprise birthday cake. I've had a really enjoyable day so far. I'm working this afternoon for a few hours, and I'm ending my day by going out into town tonight. I also went out last night, but unfortunately don't have any of the photos at the moment. Mark Wright, formerly of The Only Way is Essex, was in our local club The Assembly Rooms. It was a really good night and I can't believe how good looking he is! I can't wait to see the photos and will share them on here with you as soon as I can.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I'm enjoying mine! 

PS) As of Tuesday, my car will be here and I will be officially on the roads woo hoo!!

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